Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Home and School

The purpose of the Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls Home and School Association is to:

· Promote interest in Catholic Education

· Develop closer relations between the home and school

· To assist at school functions

Members of the Association are parents/guardians of present, past, and newly registered students of Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls.  Dues are two dollars ($2.00) a year for each student.  Membership is automatic; dues are included in the school registration fee.

General membership meets a minimum of four (4) times during the school year.  Meeting dates are usually the first Tuesday of October, December, March and May at 7:00 PM. Executive Board meetings are held six (6) times a year.  Please plan on joining us!  NOTE:  We would appreciate you letting us know of any topics you would like to hear discussed at our general meetings.  Please contact one of the board members with your suggestions.

Current Home and School Board Members:

President Stacy Vivino

Vice -President
Sue McCue

Jim Owens
Patty Grover
Brenda Pineda
Sandy Zaleski



 The following items are available through the Home and School Association:           

LF Black Socks

$  5.00

LF Tissue Box Covers


LF Plastic Cups

$  1.00

LF Magnets

$  5.00

Items are available for sale at all Home and School meetings and events.  If you would like to purchase something outside of event times, please contact  any board member. (contact information above).