Monday, September 25, 2017

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Business Courses

Business Department Faculty:
Mr. Tim McCartney

The ultimate goal of the Business Technology Department is to assist students to attain skills and knowledge that will enable them either to enter the job market or a post-secondary institution. Emphasis is placed on developing positive attitudes and values resulting in Christian women who will be capable of making responsible decisions and be effective members of society.

* We believe that Business Technology Education should foster self-confidence, leadership, awareness of the need for social justice, and the desire to further education.
* We strive to provide students with the knowledge, attitudes, concepts, and skills that will prepare them for the work world and/or higher education.
* Faculty members, as role models, strive to promote in the students Christian attitudes toward themselves and others, and a positive attitude toward reaching their full potential in their chosen careers thereby leading productive lives.


721 - H. Personal Finance/Business Law
722 - CP Personal Finance/Business Law
732 - CP Entrepreneurship