Thursday, January 18, 2018

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English Department Chairperson:
Ms. Rosemarie DiCicco

English Department Faculty:
Mr. Thomas Emore
Ms. Kathlen Martin
Mr. Arnold Ronzoni

Reflecting the philosophy of the school, the English Department strives to meet the needs of a culturally, economically, and academically diverse student population.

The four-year English program endeavors to develop the student's ability to think critically, to express herself clearly and correctly, to comprehend and appreciate various types of literature, to appreciate other peoples and cultures, to develop her full potential as a woman in today's society, and to develop good moral judgment according to Christian ethics. For the realization of these goals, every track in every year studies sequential programs in literature, composition, and language skills.
Upon completion of the four-year English program, the student should:

    * Use critical thinking to understand, analyze, synthesize, and challenge the ideas presented in her academic program as well as those encountered in her personal and professional life.
    * Express her ideas effectively, correctly. And creatively through oral and written communication.
    * Be acquainted with each literary genre and have acquired an appreciation of cultural diversity through careful analysis of a cross section of world literature.
    * Recognize, through her study of women in literature, the wide spectrum of career choices that awaits her as well as her own capacity to pursue goals not limited by gender.
    * Identify and evaluate moral issues in her reading, and discern her own core values, thereby enabling her to make principled choices.


English Language Arts I :Critical Reading, Writing and Speaking Supported through Genre Studies
English Language Arts II :Critical Reading, Writing and Speaking Supported through World and British Studies
English III - Advanced Placement English Language and Composition
English Language Arts III :Critical Reading, Writing and Speaking Supported through American Studies
English IV : Advanced Placement
English Language Arts IV : Critical Reading, Writing and Speaking Supported through Contemporary American