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Fine Arts

Fine Arts Department Chairperson:
Mrs. Noreen Diehl

Fine Arts Department Faculty Members:
Mr. Sean Montgomery

Ms. Jessica O'Neill - Instrumental Music
Mr. Ralph Purri - Vocal Music
Ms. Chunga Doughty - Strings
Mr. Kevin Rodgers - Brass
Mr. Marcus Kurz - Woodwinds

In educating the American Catholic woman for the twenty-first century, the arts are vital. In our modern American society there are so many forces which tend toward the superficial, the instant, the dehumanization through advanced technology, that humanizing forces such as art and music can help to lead young people toward a better perspective of life in general and toward an openness of spirit which leads to an awareness of the Divine.

At Little Flower High School we believe that arts education is essential for all students, not just the gifted and talented. Art courses are available are available to all students at every grade level from basic courses through intermediate to advanced levels. Because of the non-verbal nature of the arts, students who come from a wealth of multicultural backgrounds have an opportunity to share their heritage and thus enrich the entire program. Affirmation given by administration, faculty, parents and peers increases self-esteem and encourages greater efforts.

As students progress in their knowledge and experience of the arts, they not only benefit from the enjoyment and satisfaction gained through their accomplishments, but they benefit from the realization that they have used their God-given talents to enhance their lives and the lives of others.

The Fine Arts Program includes:  Chorus, Stage Band, Concert Band, Art, and Dance  Classes.  All classes are held in the Fine Arts Center.


    * To enable students to become aware of their creative potential as artists and musicians.
    * To guide students to see that sharing their gifts with school and community, builds their self-esteem and self-confidence.
    * To develop artistic and musical standards through a wide exposure to the forms and styles of great works.
    * To cultivate the ability to evaluate artistic and musical works according to standards, not just personal opinion.
    * To become aware of and to cultivate a respect for cultural diversity.
    * To challenge students to develop new ways of seeing and hearing.
    * To enable students to perform musically and artistically as individuals as well as in ensemble.
    * To enable students to see that the sharing of their gifts enriches the school community as well as the larger community

Courses:  Art


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Art I
Art 2/Pre-AP Studio Art
Art 3
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AP Studio Art
Graphic Design
AP Art History
Honors Art History
Theater Arts
                  Performance Organizations
Orchestra II. III, IV
Jazz Band II, III, IV
Show Band II, III, IV
Graduation Orchestra, I, II, III, IV

Freshman Chorus

841     Vocal Music
843     Advanced Vocal Music