Friday, January 19, 2018

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Health Education

The purpose of health education is not to suggest a list of solutions to health problems but to isolate some of the most perplexing questions and provide opinions, data, and facts that can help the individuals to make decisions about how those questions will affect their lives, now and in the future.

Health Education provides practical guidelines that students need to establish a healthy life style. It also helps them to recognize the value of attaining and maintaining good health. Students will learn to differentiate between healthy and risky behaviors, and how the behaviors they choose will impart on their future health and well-being.

    * Furnish the student with information to recognize and prevent illness
    * To influence the health behaviors of the students
    * To guide and assist the student in making sound value judgments for promoting and maintaining optimal health
    * To improve the student's well-being and to prolong her life in a world of medical, scientific, and technological advancement

Skill Objectives:
The student should be able to:

    * identify the physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual problems of healthy living
    * make decisions that are healthful, safe, legal, and responsible without infringing on the rights of others
    * investigate ways to prevent unsound health behaviors and evaluate consequences of such behavior
    * develop a positive attitude concerning her personal health
    * recognize that healthy decisions made today will impact on your life in the years to come