Friday, January 19, 2018

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World Language

World Language Department Chairperson:
Ms. Laura Stankiewicz

World Language Department Faculty Members:
Mrs. Vanda Menna
Mr. Renato Sifoni

Ms. Laura Stankiewicz
Ms. Leona Cai

World language teaching meets the needs of the whole person and helps to build society. A satisfying awareness of intellectual achievement comes with learning to speak and understand another tongue. Social growth develops from communication and shared activities. Spiritual growth is nurtured by an understanding of all the common fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of all men.
The study of foreign languages develops knowledge, proficiencies, and attitude that cannot be acquired through the study of other subjects, and is essential to understanding the political motivations, social institutions, literature, and culture of other nations. Thus, a better perspective of one's own culture is gained through the concept of cultural similarities and differences. This study of other cultures helps to build a bridge of understanding and cooperation founded on the basic truth that "All men are created equal".    
The primary function of language learning is to communicate, first through listening and speaking, and then through reading and writing. A concomitant objective of language instruction is to develop in students an understanding of foreign people, of their country and of their culture.

Linguistic Objectives:
    * To present the nature of language and how it functions through its structural systems.
    * To develop sufficient skill in the target language that students will be able, within the range of their experience,to:
      - understand when spoken to at a normal speed.
      - speak with confidence on a general subject.
      - read material on a general subject without recourse to an English translation.
      - write well, using authentic patterns and contemporary forms.

Cultural Objectives:
    * To instill in the students an in-depth knowledge of an appreciation for the value and beauty of foreign languages and the contributions which the people of these countries have made to civilization.
    * To aid the students in recognizing the contemporary mores and behavioral patterns of the person whose language they are studying.
    * To stimulate an empathy for the literary and cultural heritage of the other people.
    * To provide an adequate knowledge of the significant physical features of the countries or areas in which the language is spoken.
    * To encourage the students to take advantage of the foreign cultural enrichments found within their own environments.

World Language offerings:
     French 1,2,3,4
     Spanish 1,2,3,4,
     Latin 1
     Chinese 1,2, 3, 4