Friday, January 19, 2018

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Physical Education

Physical Education/Health Department Chairperson:
Mrs.  Magaret Robinson

The Physical Education program stresses physical fitness, skill performance, sportsmanship, and individual, and team play. Instruction in the rules for a variety of sports and activities are given and an opportunity for the students to participate is provided. Physical Education encourages students to maintain a level of fitness through participation in team, individual and lifetime sports. The following activities will be offered, throughout the year, time permitting; physical fitness, volleyball, gymnastics, golf, badminton, soccer, dance and leisure activities.
    * To enable students to assess their personal level of fitness for a healthier, happier, more useful life
    * To encourage students to incorporate physical activity into their daily living and enhance their agility, flexibility, grace, and ease of body movement
    * To provide opportunities for leadership, fellowship, and cooperation
    * To initiate a working knowledge of a variety of games and sports, their rules, techniques, and some of the basic strategies

Self Objectives:
The student should be able to:
    * Perform at a satisfactory level of cardio-respiratory efficiency, flexibility, muscular strength, and muscular endurance
    * Demonstrate fundamental skills in individual, team, lifetime, and recreational activities
    * Recognize that participation in sports and recreational activities is fun, good exercise, and an opportunity to interact with her classmates outside the academic classroom
    * Practice good sportsmanship and to develop the proper spirit of victory and defeat


812     Physical Education
822     Health Education