Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Religion Department Chairperson:
Ms. Maureen Gillespie

Relligion Department Faculty Members:
Ms. Kathryn Forster
Mr. Michael Clymer
Sr. Fran Ratay, SSJ
Rev. Joseph McCaffrey

The religion department of Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls proclaims the centrality of its department in communicating the Good News of Jesus Christ to the student body. In the midst of a society that is often fatalistic, we offer to our diversified student body, the Christian kerygma with its much needed message of HOPE. We stress the importance of the presentation of traditional truths, and the belief that our students must see a witness to our beliefs in the lives of those who instruct them. In addition to teaching the doctrine of the Church through a variety of methods, we also see the need to provide opportunities for worship and service to the community. By means of imparting doctrine, building a worshipping community, and providing service to their fellow human beings, we strive to fulfill the Gospel message to love God and love neighbor.

The overall goal of the Religion Department of Little Flower is to foster a personal faith relationship with the Lord that will be reflected in a choice for Gospel values. Through instruction, experiences and witness we hope to encourage the students to embrace Christian values in a culture that is often in conflict with these values.

    * The deepening and maturing of the students' faith through instruction and reflection.
    * The development of attitudes and personal behaviors based on Gospel values.
    * The development of sensitivity to Life issues with a focus on respect for self, others, and the planet that sustains us.
    * To build an awareness of Social Justice on the local, national and global levels.
    * To strengthen the students relationship with God through prayer and sacrament; thus, leading them to a more meaningful role in the worshipping community.
    * A deeper appreciation of the richness of the Christian heritage.
    * To foster a response to Christian service through participation in Community Service Corps project.

111, 112   The Revelation of Jesus Christ in Scripture
                Who is Jesus Christ  (Second Semester)
121, 122   The Mission of Jesus Christ  (The Paschal Mystery)
                Jesus Christ's Mission Continues in the Church
131, 132   Sacraments as Privileged Encounters with Jesus Christ
                Life in Jesus Christ
141, 142   History of the Catholic Church
                Responding to the Call of Jesus Christ
191           Latin, the Language of the Church