Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Social Studies

Social Studies Department Chairperson:
Ms. Ann Tracey-Lyman

Social Studies Department Faculty:
Ms. Denise McDougall
Ms. Maria Murray
Mr. Sean Ryan

The Social Studies Program at Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls is designed to help our students understand life in America as well as the world beyond.  Supporting the knowledge learned in other disciplines, we strive to help students understand how all human civilizations developed along with the problems these peoples faced.   We link the problem-solving behaviors of the past to the issues nations face in today's world to encourage our students to contribute solutions as women, citizens and Christians.   

To prepare our students for their roles in America and a larger global community, we attempt to foster a number of skills: formulate hypotheses, gather and evaluate evidence from a variety of sources (artifacts, books, newspapers, radio and television programs, maps, graphs, literature, music and art), separate fact from opinion, generate social science data, develop critical thinking skills, make conclusions, and write clear statements using their research.   

We believe that if students connect the past with their present world, they will graduate with a greater appreciation of their own heritage knowing that the very foundations of their culture and traditions were created by those who came before us.



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World History 2
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