Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Alternative Universes
Are you a fan of Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, or The Hunger Games?  Do you enjoy T.V. shows such as Lost, Dr. Who or The Walking Dead?  If so this club is for you!  We will meet each month to discuss our favorite books, T.V. shows and movies in which authors, directors and actors have created complex, fascinating and often dangerous worlds very different from our own.  As we share our favorites other club members will discover new works to read or watch.  We will also attempt to determine what makes these varied “alternate universes” so appealing. 

Beatles & the 60's
This club will explore the phenomenon of The Beatles.  Videos will cover the band from its inception through its breakup.  We will view the first appearance of The Beatles in America on the Ed Sullivan Show, and we will watch live concert performances from the mid-1960’s.  Also, we will review Beatles’ films and music videos, and show their place in pop music culture.  As John Lennon sings on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, “A splendid time is guaranteed for all!”

Celtic Club
 The goal of the Celtic Club is to preserve, promote, enjoy and actively participate in the traditions, heritage and cultural activities of Celtic (Irish) ancestry.  The Celtic club is for anyone interested in learning more about the ancient Celts and how their culture is still evident today.  The Celts lived not only in Ireland, but also in Scotland, Wales and Brittany.  

French Club
     The French Club is open to any student enrolled in a French class.  The purpose of the French Club is to promote and celebrate the French culture in all French speaking countries.  This includes countries in Europe, Africa, Canada and the Caribbean; it even includes the United States!  During meetings we will discover exciting aspects of French life and culture.  We will even plan les fetes for traditional French holidays.

Italian Club
     If you would like to learn about Italian Heritage come and join our club.  We prepare Italian food for the International Cafe.

Las Flores
Las Flores is a newly formed school-based leadership club at Little Flower.  In Spanish, las flores means “flowers”.  As an acronym, L.A.S.F.L.O.R.E.S. stands for “Latinas Actively Striving to Foster Leaders of Respect, Education and Service.”  Our goal is to provide leadership opportunities, cultural enrichment activities and community action projects to our members while promoting a positive image of Latino culture within our club, student body and community.

     Members of our club have offered supplemental support to school-wide service activities, organized a soda tab drive, sponsored a “Jeans for Teens” collection and volunteered in the guest-chef program at the Ronald McDonald House located on Erie Avenue.  In addition, many of our members organize and participate in the Puerto Rican Day Parade to assure that the Little Flower Latino community is well-represented and continue the legacy of Jaylin Galdamez, ’15 by raising funds for a scholarship in her name.

     In order for a student to be considered for membership, she must first qualify academically and behaviorally.  Thestudent must obtain a grade point average and conduct grade (as accumulated at the end of the previous school year) of 80 with no failures.  After those qualifications have been verified, potential members will then be interviewed by a panel of the moderator and officers.  Please note:  These interviews will take place before the T-1 club sign-up day.

Liturgical Friends
     Here at Little Flower we have a rich liturgical tradition. There are many opportunities to explore and to deepen our faith journey and spiritual heritage. The goal of the Liturgical Friends Club is to deepen the awareness within our students of the many forms of liturgical expression that are available to them throughout the course of the year.

     Similar to the CSC, members of the Liturgical Friends Club will come from each section of our Theology classes. It is the role of the Liturgical Friends to inform their Theology class about the Communion Services, Penance Services, Eucharistic Adoration and other Chapel happenings.

     The Liturgical Friends also are offered the opportunities to be active in our community liturgies through participation in various ministerial roles.   This club will meet monthly, every 2nd Monday from 3:00 – 3:20 in the Chapel.

     The Little Flower Otaku is Little Flower's Anime Club.  Anime is more commonly known as Japanese animation.  This club is for fans of anime, video games, and of manga.  At meetings different anime would be shown.  The club will discuss the Japanese culture, language and music.  If you like any of these things, then this club is for you.

Travel Club
 "Welcome!  This is your captain speaking.  The Little Flower Travel Club will investigate all of the planning and preparation that is required for an international trip from the departure to the arrival gates.  Students will learn the step-by-step process of obtaining a passport, get tips on packing and become familiarized with the procedures at an airport.  Members will investigate a student-chosen destination as well as how to see all of the popular attractions via various modes of transportation.  Along the way, tips on optimal travel seasons, staying healthy, communication back home, and precautionary measures to take while abroad will be offered complimentary.  On behalf of the cabin crew, we hope you will have a great flight.  Thanks for flying LF!"

You Can't Spell Life Without LF Club
The LF Pro-Life Club will discuss and present issues concerning the dignity of all human life in light of the monthly virtues.