Thursday, January 18, 2018

Today:F Day Bell #3 T2
Fri:A Day Bell #5
Mon:B Day Bell #1
Tue:C Day Bell #1
Wed:D Day Bell #1
Thu:E Day Bell #1


CSC Representatives
CSC Representatives and officers meet to plan and work on community service events.  CSC Representatives will be elected in each Religion class period.

LF Ambassadors
     The LF Ambassadors will spread the word that our school is "The Place to Blossom and Grow" as they escort alumnae around the school, meet prospective students and parents at high school nights, and be a link with their local elementary school.

Peace Club
Interested students work with adult members of the LF community to provide activities with themes on non-violence, self-awareness and self-esteem.  Each April, the Peace Week Committee organizes a series of workshops around these themes.  An art exhibit, classroom presentations, and collections for the needy are also part of this event.  Members of the Peace Club not only introduce and escort the speakers and other guests, but also play a part in the scheduling of certain activities during this week.  While Peace Week is the focal point, activities may be planned throughout the school year.

Stage Crew
     Members of the Stage Crew service and supervise all assemblies, programs, etc. during the school year.  In addition, they help build scenery and manage all behind the scene operations of plays and concerts.  Learn audio and lighting techniques as well as set design.  Needed:  A desire to work hard, have fun and be ready for unexpected adventures.

TV Club
The purpose of this club is to operate and maintain the three major branches of our television network: the Educational/Instructional Group.  The goal of the members is to learn as much as possible about the artistic and technical sides of television work while being of service to the school and its community.  The members will produce school commercials, produce LF 1 Show News report and produce various shows for school entertainment.  Upperclassmen as well as freshmen may apply for membership.