Thursday, January 18, 2018

Today:F Day Bell #3 T2
Fri:A Day Bell #5
Mon:B Day Bell #1
Tue:C Day Bell #1
Wed:D Day Bell #1
Thu:E Day Bell #1


LF Ambassadors
The LF Ambassadors will spread the word that our school’s “The Place to Blossom and Grow” as they escort alumnae around the school, meet prospective students and parents at high school nights, and be a link with their local elementary school.

NHS (National Honor Society)
     The Honor Society is a national organization sponsored by the National Association of Secondary School Principals to encourage the development of scholarship in the secondary schools.  This society rests its foundation on the four faces of the block that makes up its cornerstone, namely: scholarship, leadership, character and service.  In order for a student to be considered for membership, she must first qualify academically by her grade point average as accumulated at the end of her sophomore year.  Qualification at this time makes the student eligible for nomination in junior year.  While some may not qualify at the end of sophomore year, they may later do so because of increased effort.  In this case, they will be eligible for nomination in their senior year.  Since scholarship only one of the qualities to be considered for membership, a student who meets the required norm scholastically must be further judged on service, character and leadership.  Of all the characteristics, service provides the most concrete basis for judgment.  A student must have given service to her school and to her community in order to qualify.

SGA (Student Government Association)
The Student Government exists to promote communication and involvement between the faculty and the students.  It is a democratic group that works with the administration and faculty to coordinate school activities.  The Association promotes the general welfare of Little Flower.  Members of Student Government are elected by their peers and represent them to the Faculty and Administration.

Tri-M Music Honor Society
The chief aims of the Tri-M Music Honor Society are to foster greater interest in band, orchestral and choral performance and to provide wider opportunities for personal musical expression.  Students are selected for membership in Tri-M on the basis of musicianship, scholarship, character, cooperation, leadership and service to their school and community.  The organization's high standards serve to challenge students to greater effort and achievement and to encourage them in the pursuit of excellence.