Thursday, January 18, 2018

Today:F Day Bell #3 T2
Fri:A Day Bell #5
Mon:B Day Bell #1
Tue:C Day Bell #1
Wed:D Day Bell #1
Thu:E Day Bell #1



The Little Flower "SPIRIT" is truly alive when it comes to the bowling team. Under the direction of Varsity coach Mr. Jack Rooney, the team has been in the playoffs the last fifteen years.  

With the passing of Mr. Jack Rooney the team is now under the direction of Mr. Heraldo Lampugnini, and the team is looking to continue their winning ways.

The team practice and bowl their matches at Thunderbird Lanes. 

The JV team is under the direction of Mrs. Jayne Lampugnani.

The Varsity and Junior Varsity bowling teams are chosen in November. They compete on an interscholastic level with home games played at Thunderbird Lanes.

Directions to Thunderbird Lanes