Thursday, January 18, 2018

Today:F Day Bell #3 T2
Fri:A Day Bell #5
Mon:B Day Bell #1
Tue:C Day Bell #1
Wed:D Day Bell #1
Thu:E Day Bell #1


Participation at Liturgies:

                All students are invited to participate in our school liturgies as servers, readers or gift bearers.  The music ministry at Little Flower coordinates the music at our worship.  Please see Father if you are interested in the opportunity to participate at our liturgies.



                Every school day and every class period begins with prayer.  Prayer intention forms are located on the table at the entrance to Chapel.  Prayer intentions can be spoken publicly over the public address system or privately.

                The Peace Club coordinates a daily recitation of the St. Francis of Assisi Prayer for Peace at the beginning of the eighth period.  Always remember to be instruments of peace in our community, within your family, in our city and in our world.


The Retreat Program:

                In keeping with the philosophy of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia and the school, which stresses the spiritual and moral development of each individual, all students are required to make an annual retreat.  The retreats are designed and planned to be special spiritual experiences for each class.

                Retreats are coordinated through the Office of School Ministry in collaboration with students, members of the Religion Department, the Retreat Committee and the Administration.