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Department Members

Little Flower's Guidance Department is comprised of qualified professionals who work collaboratively to meet the needs of our students. Department members include:

Mrs. Mary Berner, Guidance Director (Ext. 142)

  • coordinates all aspects of guidance services
  • works individually with seniors on application and financial aid procedures
  • provides in-class presentations to sophomore, juniors, and seniors regarding

    • preparation for PSAT and SAT testing programs
    • career and college planning
    • college financial aid application procedures
  • facilitates requests for educational testing with CORA school psychologist


Ms. Lindsey Stoner, Social Worker (Ext. 149)

  • works to connect families with community resources
  • assists with attendance concerns
  • visits students who are unable to come to school and offers appropriate referral resources whenever possible
  • coordinates our Peer Mediation Team, designed to teach students how to manage conflict in healthy ways and provide opportunities for these students to assist classmates in resolving conflicts



Mrs. Kate Barker, CORA Counselor (Ext. 144)

  • supports students going through situational adjustments, i.e. loss through death, divorce, step-family, adoption, new school, etc.
  • offers group and/or individual counseling concerning school-related difficulties (academic problems, behavioral concerns, peer interactions)
  • works with students on issues involving self-esteem, motivation, dating, parental communication
  • assists with career and vocational counseling


Mrs. Marie Murphy, Guidance Secretary (Ext. 146)

  • coordinates all requests for transcripts
  • schedules visits by college admissions representatives in the cafeteria
  • facilitates Ellis grant applications
  • receives and posts both full and part-time employment opportunities


Mrs. Christina McCarthy, RN  (Ext. 124) 

  • the school nurse is responsible to develop, implement and manage a school healthy program for a student population as defined by the School District of  Philadelphia.