Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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Classic Film Club
   The Classic Film Club is an opportunity for LF students to gain a greater appreciation of cinema from the Golden Age of Hollywood.  Students will analyze the film craft intensely through discussion of direction, acting, visuals, and plot development.  In addition, students will also consider the genre of the film era during which it was made, and other factors in order to truly understand why the film is an American classic.  The goals of the Club are to recognize why a certain film is considered a "classic", to appreciate great film-making and to supplement the humanities courses (History, English) here at LF.

College Club
      The purpose of the College Club is to help students research their potential college choices and majors.  In addition, we will help in understanding and researching financial aid opportunities and scholarships.

Please note:  As the projects will be similar to last year, only new members will be accepted.

Horticulture (Gardening) Club
     According to Merriam-Webster's School Dictionary, horticulture is "the science and art of growing fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants."  In the Horticulture Club you will learn about different kinds of plants that can be grown easily indoors and have the opportunity to grow some examples for yourself.   
You will also explore outdoor plants on the grounds of LF and perhaps participate in the care of those trees, shrubs and flowers.  There will be a $5.00 fee collected at the first meeting to pay for plants, potting soil, pots, gloves, etc.

Know On The Go Club
Interested in stretching your awareness of current global justice issues, but you just can’t sit through a long TV commentary or read another never-ending article?

Learn the basics about the immigration issue, human trafficking, fracking, world poverty, health care, genocide, etc… and feel informed about todays “hot” topics.  You don’t have to be “in the dark” anymore!

Math 24
How many different ways can you get to 24? Join our club and we’ll figure it out.

Math SAT/Problem Solving
     Are you ready for the redesigned PSAT and SAT? The math section is broken into several categories including; heart of algebra, problem solving and data analysis, passport to advanced math and additional topics.  In addition to expanding topics to include trigonometry, the questions are more in-depth and include calculator and non-calculator sections.  This club will explore a new topic each month using  proven test taking strategies to solve problems with or without a calculator with confidence! This club is open to serious students interested in improving their confidence and competence in math problem solving.  

     This club is part of the diocesan mathematics competition in which the students from various high schools compete against each other for trophies and plaques.  Competitions are one Monday a month.  Membership is open to all students who are interested in math and who have enough background to compete.

Model UN
     The Model UN Club is a competitive debate club that competes against other schools from the Delaware Valley.  Competitions consist of debates on international topics in which members argue from their as signed country's point of view.

Sudoku Solvers
     Anyone who enjoys Sudoku Puzzles, on any difficulty level, will enjoy this club.  Although the puzzles use numbers, math ability is not a necessity.  We will have new puzzles, or you may bring your own.  Out goals will include moving up in difficulty level, having competitions for time on level and, eventually, to have a member compete in one of the city-wide competitions that have begun to appear!