Thursday, January 18, 2018

Today:F Day Bell #3 T2
Fri:A Day Bell #5
Mon:B Day Bell #1
Tue:C Day Bell #1
Wed:D Day Bell #1
Thu:E Day Bell #1


Art Club
The Art Club is an invitation only club, limited to certain art students who will assist on creating props, and helping with the sets for the musical. 

Bracelet Making
Students will use different colored floss to tie and knot different patterns to create a variety of friendship bracelets. Possible themes could include holidays, special occasions, class, etc. Come with experience or learn from others in the group. Material will be provided. 

GIMP Braiding
     Students will use GIMP (plastic lacing) to weave, braid, or knot a variety of fun projects.  Come with experience or learn from others in the group.  (GIMP is provided)

I'm Not Too Crafty Club
     We will make easy-to-make crafts such as holiday crafts, printed frames, bracelets, and pins. The cost of materials for the year is 5.00 per student.

Knitting Club
If you are interested in learning to knit, this club is for you.  We will start with a scarf and work up to a hat or c ell phone/I-pod sock.  Please bring large needles - size 10 1/2 or larger to club meeting and some yarn.  This club is limited to 20 members.  We will also be coordinating the Sock Drive, where socks will be collected for those in need.  We will not be knitting these socks!

Are you looking for a reason to print out all those pictures that you never take off your camera or computer? Join the scrapbooking club and bring your pictures to our meetings where you can create and design page after page to cherish those memories! No scrapbooking experience is necessary. A small fee of $5.00 is required to purchase a variety of needed supplies.     

Sewing for Beginners
The sewing for BEGINNERS Club is a club for those who are interested in creating simple sewing projects and learning a little about the art of sewing.   If you are creative, patient, able to follow directions, and have a sense of humor, then join the club!

Please note:  As the projects will be the same as last year, only new members will be accepted.

Yarn Ministry
Do you know how to knit or crochet?  If so, consider using that talent to create comforting and warm hats for premature babies at Holy Redeemer Hospital!  The club will not teach you to knit or crochet – you will need to bring that skill with you!!  Yarn Ministry will simply give you a space to gather with other knitters in a shared ministry to the youngest among us.  There will be a $5 donation for yarn. Bring your own knitting needles, crocheting needles, or loom.  So that you will be prepared for each meeting and won’t have to remember when T-1 clubs meet, you will leave these supplies in Room 264 for the year.