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Grade Connect

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Dear Parents/Guardians,


The Archdiocese of Philadelphia implemented GradeConnect, an Internet-based course management system and grade book for all of its high schools in September 2008. This Internet-based system will afford you a wonderful opportunity to access much information about your student’s academic achievement. The access to this information will help you help your son or daughter to meet his/her academic goals. You will have access to grades, assignments, announcements, and overall progress about your student throughout the school year.


Every school will enter GradeConnect through the same Internet address  Your school will be giving your son/daughter a username and password. As soon as possible, use your son or daughter’s log in to initially establish your parent account on GradeConnect. There are no fees for this service.


The following information will help you get started.  Go to There you will go to the third column, titled “Parents.” In blue, you will see the words “click here.” Do so and you will be brought to the pages where you will establish your free PARENT ACCOUNT. The first page is informational. Read and then at the bottom of the page click on the words “Create your Parent Account now!” which is also written in blue. The next screen requires you to fill in some information.


Create your own username and password. Make it easy to remember. Enter the password a second time in the confirm password box to make sure that there are no errors. Then fill out the rest of the information. The email address you put in will be used ONLY by the teacher and the program to contact you. GradeConnect does not share this information.


Then click on the Submit button at the bottom of the page. If all required fields are filled in and you have chosen a unique username, you will be told that you have successfully created an account. You may have to make more than one attempt to get a unique username. When successful, you will see the words “click here to log in” and you will be sent back to the login page to use your username and password in the Parent login and to complete the process of adding your student(s). The following screen appears when you login.


 Type the username and password you received from your student in the spaces provided and click on Add Student. If it does not work, obtain the correct information from your student. (If more than one student, repeat the process. Students in different archdiocesan high schools can all be included on the same screen.) A new screen will appear.  All of your student’s courses are now accessible to you by clicking on the “Select a Student Course Combination” drop down box in the upper right section of the screen. You will then see each course your student has and you will be able to see all the information included for each course, including current grade, assignments, assessments, and announcements.


On the left hand side of the course homepage you will find a menu: Course Home: this brings you back to the course homepage. You will need this when you go to grades or assignments and want to go back. My Grades: this will bring you to the recorded grades for your student in the selected course.  Assignments: home work, projects, test dates and test content will all be found here. Email: this will enable you to email the teacher of the selected course with any questions you may have. Links: this will contain the addresses of other web sites that the teacher may be using to enhance the instructional process. Textbooks: this lists the books used in a given course and the replacement cost if lost or damaged. There are also menu items that look like file tabs near the top of the screen. You can create reminders for your child about appointments, waiting for siblings at the bus stop, etc.


There is also a Calendar tab that will show you all the work due for all your student’s courses on a given date. Shaded dates mean that there is work due on those dates. Every class that has homework due on that date will appear on this calendar. This is a shortcut that gives you a quick view of work that is due or tests being given. The following screen shows you the calendar and the date that is clicked on is September 6th.


Again, this system will keep you informed of your student’s progress and keep you aware of any problems that may arise such as failure to do homework, poor test or quiz grades, missing projects etc. You will be able to implement remedial action quickly and correct the problems before they become overwhelming for your student. Make GradeConnect a habit. A few minutes a couple of times a week will pay huge dividends for you student.


This year, some teachers may choose to post only certain items on GradeConnect such as quarterly grades and report card grades. Other teachers will choose to utilize the many features available to them in GradeConnect. You will need to find out how your student’s teachers plan to use GradeConnect this year.


Should you have any questions about the technical aspects of GradeConnect, please go to We are very excited to be able to provide you with this communications tool. We hope it will prove to be valuable to you and your student.


Sr. Kathleen Klarich, RSM