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Application Process

The Archdiocesan Secondary School System has an open enrollment policy.  Students from any grade school are eligible to apply for admission to Little Flower.  We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in our admission policies or in any school-administered programs. 

It is not necessary for a student of another religion to become a Catholic; however, to enter fully into the life of the school, all students admitted to Little Flower must:

  • accept and support actively the philosophy and goals of the school.
  • attend Catholic religion class; and
  • attend liturgies, retreats, and all religious services

Parents of students who practice religions other than the Roman Catholic religion are required to pay Supplemental Tuition as well as the standard tuition.  The Supplemental Tuition is equal to the amount each Roman Catholic parish pays toward the high school education of each of its members.

Admissions Process
Admission to Little Flower  does not require admission testing.  Students who attend an Archdiocesan grade school must successfully  complete eighth grade to be admitted.  Due to differences in curriculum at some private and public schools, students seeking admission from a non-traditional feeder school must take a placement test.  Students from non-traditional feeder schools are also required to be interviewed.

9th Grade Registration
To enroll at Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls, download the Application for Admission at the bottom of this page, or you can request that we mail you information by calling our Admissions Office at 215-455-6900 Ext. 162.  The completed Application for Admission, along with the required 7th grade final report card or Transcript and any other documents requested from the student’s current school, can be mailed, e-mailed to, or returned in person to Little Flower. Once the application is considered complete, the Admissions Board will review and send notification of admissions decision by mail.  Once you receive a letter of acceptance, you must complete a registration form and remit the appropriate fee ($100 by December 1st; $125 after December 1st).

Upper-class Admission
All students interested in transferring from public or private schools are required to complete an Application for Admission and provide a transcript for at least the prior two years. We will also schedule an interview and the student may need to take a placement test as part of the application procedure.  The purpose of the interview is to discuss the reasons for seeking a transfer and to determine whether Little Flower is a good fit for the academic and social needs of the student.  Traditionally, transfer students may begin at Little Flower at the beginning of the school year or at the semester break in January.  The Admissions Board will review and send notification of the admissions decision by mail.  Once accepted, you must complete a registration form and remit the  registration fee of $125.

The Application for Admission and Transcript Release form are available at the bottom of this page.

Please call Mrs. Maureen Kerr at 215-455-6900 Ext. 162 for any questions you may have regarding the Admissions process.Email:


Online  Application *

Transcript Request Form *

Non-sports Physical Form          

PIAA Physical Form

*Forms may be filled out online and printed, or you can download a blank application and complete it by hand.  Either way, you must mail in a hard copy.