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The Impact of Our Patroness, St. Thérèse

Saint Thérèse’s little way is definitely prominent in our school. Girls are always helping and looking out for each other. Whenever a girl drops an item in the hallway, ten girls rush over to help her.

Sarah -- Class of 2020

When Saint Thérèse answers prayers she leaves a rose somewhere unexpected. On the day our classmate passed away, I saw a few loose roses on my way home from school. I took a picture of it to remember that she is okay and that Saint Thérèse really does listen.

Amy – Class of 2018

I see her presence throughout the day, everyday, in all of my classmates. Just holding the door open for someone, or helping to pick up trash or something someone dropped displays her “little way.” Her mission is simple and easy to live by. Do the little things and be selfless.

Amanda – Class of 2018

I think it is easy to relate to her because she did not do any extravagant tasks; she was loyal to Jesus and to others, and that is what I admire about her.

Theresa - Class of 2019

When I enter Little Flower, I feel a sense of home. My favorite thing about my “home” is how friendly everyone is and how everyone is willing to lend a helping hand. When someone is sitting by themselves, Saint Thérèse taught me to go over and talk to them, because if the roles were reversed, I would want the same thing.

Maggie – Class of 2019



LF Fast Facts

  • Over $12 million in college academic scholarships and grants
  • 62% of 2017 graduates offered college scholarships
  • 99% of class of 2017 enrolled in post-secondary education
  • 7 ap classes
  • scholarship 6 Diocesan scholars
  • golf Golf PCL & PIAA District Champs
  • sports37 All-Catholic athletes
  • getinvolvedOver 60 activities & clubs