Friday, January 19, 2018

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Code of Conduct



 These are the rules established by the Philadelphia Catholic League regarding behavior at sporting events.

The student-spectator should:

  • realize that she represents her school just as an athlete does;
  • appreciate and give suitable recognition to the good in others;
  • cheer positively and avoid "booing," not to mention abusive language or vulgarity as being clearly a lack of charity that breeds the same in opponents;
  • avoid the use of musical instruments, noisemakers, signs and streamers as these are annoying to some and inflammatory to others;
  • regard officials and opponents as honest; officials' decisions should be abided by, even when they seem unfair;
  • be aware that if she continually evidences poor sportsmanship, she will be requested not to attend future contests;
  • realize that a contest ends with the final whistle or other signal; post-game injury to others or damage to property is un-Christian and irrational behavior.

The student-athlete should:

  • develop a deeply ingrained conviction that she represents a long tradition of fairness in competition;
  • develop the self-control necessary for best performances in competition and life; losing her temper and consequent fighting or abusive language are failures in this regard;
  • the student-athlete who flagrantly abuses these rules, even once, shall be dropped by his school from the team as she is unworthy to represent this League or his school.