Monday, August 21, 2017

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2017 Summer Reading

Summer Reading Lists


All students are required to read two books from the Summer Reading Grade Level lists included in the links below: 
Class of 2018 Reading List

Class of 2019 Reading List
Class of 2020 Reading List
Class of 2021 Reading List
                                                           Summer Reading Project

1.The English department requires one book for each grade level.  English teachers will create an assessment for this reading at the beginning of the school year.  

2. Students select the second book from their specific grade level reading list.  Students will complete one of the following project assessments for the book they read:

      Project Assessments (Select one for the book you read.)

Book Review:   You are writing a book review for Teenreads. Com, a popular reading website.  A book review includes facts about eh book and your opinion.  Book reviews are important because they help other people decide which books to read.  Follow these steps to write your book review:

1.       Make sure your name and homeroom are the heading of your paper.

2.       Make sure the review is typed.

3.       Use complete sentences

4.       Give the title and author of the book.

5.       How would you rate this book?  Give the book a star rating from one to five, five being the best.

6.       Describe the story.  Tell about the main characters, the setting, the main events, and one lesson you learned from the book.  This should be done in at least three paragraphs that contain five to seven sentences in each paragraph.

7.       Give two reasons why you liked or disliked the book.  This should be done in a paragraph that contains five to seven sentences.

Create a Playlist for your book:  Trace one character’s development or the theme of the book in your playlist.  The playlist should contain at least seven songs that present the character or theme throughout the entire book, beginning, middle and end.  After you have created your playlist type a one-page explanation of why you chose the songs. 

Your name and homeroom section are the heading of the page. 

    3.  The project assessment will be collected in homeroom during the week of September 11-15.  
Failure to hand in summer reading assessment on time will result in after school detention on Wednesday,  September 20.  

     4.   Please complete the Reading Note Taking Tool for each book you read.   This will help you prepare for the English class assessment and the project assessment   Download Note Taking Tool here.