Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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"... you can't quantify your greatest strength.
What exists here at Little Flower is very unique and impossible to
transfer to another school. You're fortunate to experience this
atmosphere on a daily basis." 
                           ---Middle States Validation Team 



Little Flower
Catholic High School for Girls

Make It
Your Choice
For Academics
For Growth
For Spirit
For Your

       Single-Gender Education
An Excellent Choice

Our all-female environment enables you to focus; it builds your confidence,and empowers you to recognize and develop to your full potential.  Our families value the opportunity for academic challenge, leadership, and talent development. 

 "Culture of Caring" 
Our Greatest Strength Since 1939

Our faculty and students foster an environment of love, respect and tolerance in our ethnically diverse community. Support and friendship are woven into the very fabric of the Little Flower tradition.  Here, young women discover, celebrate, and respond to God's call to be women of faith, hope and love, with 
St. Therese as their patroness.

    Community Service 
Moral Development 
With a Call to  Service

Little Flower fosters a sense of civic awareness and social responsibility in our students by offering outreach opportunities to serve others. You can volunteer for seasonal and on-going service projects.





Fourteen Varsity Sports
Team Building and Physical Development

 We offer a full spectrum of athletics: soccer, swimming, basketball, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, softball, indoor track, cross country, track & field, volleyball, cheerleading, tennis, and bowling.  We are proud that in  2009, 2011, 2013, and 2016 our Golf team won the Girls Catholic League Championship, and 36 of our athletes won All-Catholic recognition in 2016.