Morning Announcements

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

C Day ~ Bell #5


Wednesday, February 21, 2018

D Day ~ Bell #1

Word of the Day

Hermetically  (her met i k l e)

Definition: Made or treated so as to become airtight.

Hermetically sealed jars will preserve food for a long time.

  All creation deserves my reverence and respect. 

 ELLIS GRANT:  Girls, this is a reminder that the Ellis Grant is due at the Foundation on Broad Street on March 1.  Don't miss out on this great opportunity for tuition assistance.  If you are not sure you qualify, stop by Sister Donna's office...

 Freshmen and Sophomores:  Thank you to all who attended our first dance committee meeting.  Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 20 until 3:30 in Room 165.   

CHANCE DRIVE:  THIS IS A BIG DEAL GIRLS!:  If you bring ALL $75.00 of your CHANCES in by Tuesday, February 20th you are eligible for a Dress Down Day and also and chance in a lottery to win your $75.00 back.  Let’s Go Girls!  You know you will be seeing family this weekend.  Get them chances out! 


  • LACROSSE CONDITIONING:  Lacrosse Conditioning starts on Wednesday, February 21 after school in the Park.  Anyone interested in trying out for the team SHOULD ATTEND.

      Dress accordingly. (Any questions please see Adam in the Athletic Office during lunch)

  • SOFTBALL WORKOUTS:  Softball Workouts begin on Wednesday, February 21 in the Gym.  Anyone interested in trying out for the team SHOULD ATTEND. (Bring sneakers!  Dress accordingly) (Any questions please see Adam in the Athletic Office during lunch)

Cafe: There will be NO MEAT ON FRIDAYS DURING LENT. Starting Friday, February 23, we will have PASTA with WHITE SAUCE and roll (WE WILL NOT HAVE THE PASTA ON FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16.) also being served: egg salad, grilled cheese, fish filet, our famous pizza and our Fresh Salad Bar.  Thank you as always for your cooperation and your beautiful smiles.  You make our day!  From the Lovely Ladies of the Cafe.

Attention, African American students who are Roman Catholic:  Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors of African American decent and who are Roman Catholic with a "B" average who need tuition assistance, there is an opportunity for you to apply for the Monsignor John Mitchell Memorial Scholarship--it is a one-year scholarship up to $2500.  Please stop by Sister Donna's office for an application.  

LITERARY GARLAND:  Express yourself in the Literary Garland!  It’s that time of year.  LF’s annual magazine, the Literary Garland, is looking for your poems, short stories, and essays.  Put your thoughts into words and submit your work to your English teacher or bring them to Mrs. DiCicco in room 261.  Deadline for entries is February 23 so pick up those pens and write!

SERVICE HOURS:  Any student who has not completed their hours, please do so ASAP and send them to the President’s Office.  Thank you.

YEARBOOK:  Do you have photos from Spirit Day? Please share them with the Yearbook!!!  Send them to  Thank you.