Little Flower Catholic High School

Tuition and Fees

Diocesan High School Tuition Payment Schedule 2017-2018

Listed below are the tuition and school fee rates for the 2017- 2018 school year. The applicable tuition charges and the school fee will be billed over 11 months from June through April. Any grants or scholarships will be applied to those charges. Payments will continue to be made to Smart Tuition. Smart Tuition gives you the option to have your payment due the 1st of each month or the 15th of each month.    

There is a $35 per family charge for using Smart Tuition, which is due in June 2017. This fee is waived for families paying in full or by semester. Families that sign up and make all payments electronically will receive a $70 credit (twice the Smart fee) at the end of the school year. The monthly late fee if tuition is not paid on time will be $30. 

  During the year additional fees will appear on your monthly statement for registration, athletics and other school charges.

    Tuition policies may be found in the school handbook/calendar.

  Full  Semester Quarterly Monthly

One or Two Students in Diocesan High School  (includes $440 School Fee)

$7,790.00 $3,895.00 $1,947.50 $708.18

Rate for Non-Catholic Students (includes $500 supplemental cost and $440 school fee)

$8,290.00 $4,145.00 $2,025.00 $753.64


International Tuition Rate for one student Tuition International Tuition School Fee Total Due
  $7,350.00 $1,750.00 $450.00     $9,540.00

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