Little Flower Catholic High School


Let's Jump
If you like to jump rope, Let’s Jump is the Club for you!  Single and double Dutch jump roping will be the focus of this entertaining and cardiovascular workout.  Students must dress appropriately for weather on T-1 days because this club does meet outdoors.  Please do not forget your sneakers and a water.

Stepmania is a game where participants step to match a song being played.  Arrows rise up the screen matching the rhythm of a song.  Players step on a mat as the arrows reach the top of the screen.  

Yoga and Exercise Club
Yoga and exercise is a low impact fitness program that focuses on breathing, flexibility, and balance.  The goal of this club is to encourage a healthy lifestyle that includes physical fitness as a way to reduce stress and anxiety.   Please come prepared with shorts and a towel on T-2 days.

Zumba is a Latin-inspired fitness program that incorporates Latin music for an entertaining workout.  The goal of this club is to encourage healthy lifestyle choices with exercise segments choreographed by student leaders.  Be prepared with shorts on T-1 days and come to the gym and samba your way into a fun workout.  Zuma will also meet T-1 days after school until the 1st activities bus.  Have sneakers and water!  This after school activity is open to students and faculty.

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