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In Case of Inclement Weather

Important Information

 Office of the Principal                                                                                                   

 January, 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians:


In the event of inclement weather, please listen to local radio and TV stations for announcements for “All Philadelphia Public and Archdiocesan/Parochial Schools, or all Archdiocesan/Parochial Schools.”  LF does not have a special school number.  The announcement may be one of these options:  open, open with a delay (one hour, two hour, etc.) or closed.


SEPTA Trippers will NOT run their morning schedule on a delayed opening.  Therefore, students will need to use regular bus transportation or arrange their own transportation to school.  SEPTA Trippers will be provided at 8th period dismissal at 2:39 PM, unless delayed opening occurs on Wednesday when dismissal is 1:51 PM.

In the event of a delay, the school building will be open and accessible to students who arrive early. Students will be able to enter school by using their ID swipe cards.  After going to their lockers students will report to the auditorium where they will remain until homeroom .


Please review the contents of this letter with your daughter and make your arrangements accordingly.  Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

May God bless you and your family.                                    

Sr. Kathleen Klarich, RSM


One-hour Delay Schedule 
Homeroom - 9:00 AM
Dismissal: 2:39 PM  M-T-Th-F

1:51 PM - Wed.

Two-hour Delay Schedule
Homeroom - 10:00 AM   

Dismissal: 2:39 PM  M-T-Th-F
1:51 PM - Wed.

In the event of inclement weather, information is updated daily on
website, facebook, and school phone.  

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