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EITC/OSTC Redirect Your PA taxes

Use these two great PA Tax Credit programs to direct your Pennsylvania Taxes to scholarships for Little Flower Students!

EITC = Educational Improvement Tax Credit

OSTC = Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit

How does it work?

For Individuals - Consider joining BLOCS Scholarship LLC which allows individuals to pool together to take advantage of this tax credit. BLOCS requires a two-year commitment and a minimum of $7,000 per year. Details attached.

For Businesses - Apply directly through Pennsylvania Department of Community & Economic Development or allow BLOCS to do the heavy lifting for you. Use the BLOCS application attached here and submit before July 1.

How much of a credit is available?

One-year commitment receives a 75% tax credit.
Two-year commitment receives a 90% tax credit.
Individuals participating in the BLOCS Scholarship LLC make a two-year commitment, therefore, you will receive a 90% tax credit.
A $7,000 donation will essentially cost you $700!


For more information contact:
Amy Steinmetz Carthy, '87
215-455-6900 X130